Discover the Wonders of Group Travel with Carol's Travel Service

Traveling with others who have similar interests is not only rewarding and fun, but it is also a wonderful way to create lasting friendships on a memorable journey. Group vacations create a feeling of safety and companionship that is enhanced by exploring the exciting sights and cultures of the world.

Group travel packages frequently offer travelers reduced rates and added features such as room by cruise lines, hotels, and tour companies. Every detail is taken care of, and your group travel experience is relaxed and stress free.

For the past 30 years, Carol's Travel Service’s leisure group travel organizers have been planning and escorting group travel all over the world. We welcome the opportunity to help you create a vacation that your group will never forget.

Leisure Travel for Any Group

Whether you're planning a trip for a bank travel club or a group trip with a special interest in mind, we, as a group travel company, plan custom travel itineraries. We’ll assign you a travel consultant that specializes in groups, to help you find the perfect destination for the right price, promote the trip, and plan every detail.

Looking for family reunion ideas and planning? A food and wine tour in Italy? We arrange travel for groups or organizations representing any interest:

  • Family and Friend Reunions
  • Company Meetings, Sales Meetings and Conferences
  • Religious Affiliations and Church Groups
  • Schools and Sports Teams
  • College or Professional Sports
  • Destination Weddings
  • Singles and Couples
  • Senior Clubs
  • Women Only Travel
  • Gardening and Book Clubs
  • Health and Fitness
  • Community Service
  • University and Alumni Groups

Why Carol's Travel Service?

  • Full-service travel agency to serve all your travel needs, with comparative shopping so you get the best prices and group discounts
  • Travel and destination recommendations
  • Comprehensive research into your destination, with airline, cruise ship, tour company, and hotel analysis to help you make the best choices
  • Group transportation including air, rail, motor coach, or car rental
  • Handling of reservations, collections, disbursements, and distribution of travel documents
  • Liaison for vendor and contract negotiations
  • Customized tours including trip extensions
  • Assistance in locating unique dining experiences and entertainment
  • Customizing theme events
  • On-site handling of registration and hospitality, with coordination of all catering
  • Meeting room setup and audiovisual management
  • Assistance with corporate gifts
  • Toll-free customer service number
  • Registration by Internet, email, phone, fax, or mail, or by optional group page on our website

Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings

When you are in charge of corporate or business travel, you have a time-consuming and business-critical task. It's vital to stay organized and manage every detail.

Our vacation planners are here to make your job easy, and we strive to make you look like the hero to your organization when you plan . . .

  • Employee recognition and rewards programs
  • Company Travel
  • Event Management: Sales Meetings & Conferences

Raise Funds with Group Travel

We'll arrange a travel fundraiser for your nonprofit organization by negotiating special pricing from the cruise company. Your organization earns much-needed funding and supporters help a worthwhile cause by taking a luxury cruise.

you are interested in group travel fundraising, let Carol's Travel Service show you how your organization can earn a generous contribution.

Earn Free or Reduced Fare as a Group Leader

When you choose Carol's Travel Service for your group travel vacation, we'll work closely with you to plan every detail of the trip, offer destination recommendations, market effectively to your group, and ensure that your trip comes together perfectly. The number of participants required for group consideration varies depending upon your travel plans, but may be as low as 10 members.

As the group leader, you'll help us to encourage and excite your group about the trip and therefore travel for free or at a reduced rate.

Not sure where to begin? Contact us, and we'll walk you through each step of putting together a successful group vacation.

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