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Destination Wedding
Compatibility Quiz

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

Wondering if you're the kind of adventurous soul that would enjoy and cherish a destination wedding? Answer these 10 questions, total the points and look below to see where your destination wedding compatibility falls.

Question 1: When the rare three-day weekend comes around, you will most likely...

  1. Host a barbecue with friends and family and enjoy time off from work. 1 point
  2. Jump in the car with a map and see where the road and good weather takes you. 3 points
  3. Enjoy a carefully planned, romantic jaunt with your fiancé. 2 points

Question 2: You've planned a day on the beach but now it's raining. You would most likely...

  1. Rain be darned, get out and enjoy the fresh air with a walk in the rain. 3 points
  2. Take the beach picnic you've made to a local museum and enjoy the show. 2 points
  3. Enjoy the rainy day with a good book and a cozy nap. 0 points
  4. Head to the mall. Rain days, equal great shopping opportunities. 1 point

Question 3: In school, the group of classes you were most likely to take would be...

  1. Math and science courses. 0 points
  2. World history, geography and culture courses. 3 points
  3. Literature and language courses. 2 points
  4. Home economics and social studies. 1 point

Question 4: When it's your turn to pick the restaurant, where are you most likely to go?

  1. The newest, trendiest hotspot in town. 2 points
  2. A good comfort food locale with some of your longtime favorites. 0 points
  3. An exotic ethnic restaurant you've never tried before. 3 points
  4. Get in the car and drive until you see a place that looks good. 3 points

Question 5: You've been fantasizing about and planning details of your wedding since...

  1. Early childhood. 1 point
  2. You met your fiancé. 3 points
  3. Since your early 20's. 2 points

Question 6: Your ideal wedding size is...

  1. Just the two of us. 3 points
  2. Small and intimate. 2 points
  3. A good-sized family affair, but not too big. 1 point
  4. A big, big party! 0 points

Question 7: Your wedding gifts will...

  1. Help you put together your first home. 1 point
  2. Be hard to incorporate into the tons of household toys and goodies you and your fiancé have already accumulated. 3 points
  3. Instead be donations to local charities. We are asking guests not to give us gifts as we have so much. 3 points

Question 8: If you receive really good or really bad news, your first instinct is to...

  1. Have a long talk with your fiancé. 3 points
  2. Call all your friends and family for input and encouragement. 1 point
  3. Soak in the information before sharing with anyone. 2 points

Question 9: In foreign countries, you are...

  1. Eager to participate in local customs, try out the language and try new foods. 3 points
  2. More comfortable with large tour groups and with guides to help you navigate the locale. 1 point
  3. Quickly homesick. 0 points
  4. The consummate tourist, diving into museums and photographing everything. 2 points

Question 10: You find traditional weddings to be...

  1. Romantic. 1 point
  2. Unimaginative. 2 points
  3. The way things should be done. 0 points


Between 4-12 points: Home Is Where Your Heart Is!

You tend to be more of a traditionalist, eager to have lots of friends and family at your side on your wedding day. While a destination wedding sounds like a great, romantic adventure, you may be happier with local resources and trusted confidants close by to share in the wedding planning, challenges and fun with you.

However, if you and your fiancé are looking to escape for this life-changing event and leave family and home ties behind, a destination wedding could be the way to dive into an unchartered, daring romance. Take time and carefully consider what is most important to both of you about your wedding day, the people you will share it with and the memories you will have. And remember, an extraordinary honeymoon is also a perfect time to let loose and get the dreamy adventure you're looking for!

Between 13-22 points: You're on the Fence.

You embrace adventure and are eager to try new things, which makes a destination wedding a good option. At the same time, you still crave a significant amount of control and certainty in life that can be hard to guarantee in a faraway wedding.

Consider whether you are ready to give yourself over to both the hassle-free approach of a packaged wedding as well as the limitations that can come with destination weddings. If the more adventurous side of you and your fiancé is dominating your wedding plans and dreams, start exploring our destination wedding options.

22 points and over: The Perfect Destination Wedding Candidate.

Independent, adventurous and open to the unknown, you are an excellent candidate for a destination wedding. You love to travel and are very comfortable with intimate nuptials in the presence of only a few friends and family members. Now it's time to ensure you and your fiancé feel the same way!

If the two of you are in rapturous agreement—A Destination Wedding Is For Us!

Start exploring amazing, all-inclusive packaged weddings!

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"Quiz Used with Permission by Elations Travel Group, LLC"