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To Do List: Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is a process, so just relax, take a deep breath, and we'll guide you through it.

1. The first step is selecting the date for the wedding, and the destination. This alone can be overwhelming as you have so many different choices! Your Carol's Travel Destination Wedding Specialist will take the time to ask you several questions so that he or she can provide the proper guidance to ensure you achieve the objectives you lay out. For example, selecting a Holiday weekend makes it easy for people to attend, but all too frequently the cost of airfares and hotel accommodations sell at a premium over those dates. While there isn't a "right" or "wrong" decision, your Carol's Travel Destination Wedding Specialist will be sure to bring things like these to your attention. 

2. With your date and destination chosen, the focus will shift to the choice of properties to host your venue. Again, it will be our job to guide you. We've seen all the properties you'll want to consider. We also know which ones are easy and accommodating to work with — and which are not. 

3. Next, we'll shift our focus to the ceremony and celebration to follow it. Because we partner with most of the most popular hotels that specialize in hosting wedding events, we are able to negotiate many "perks" to make both your affair, and your guests' stay most enjoyable. 

4. Once everything is set, you'll want to advise your guests of your wedding ceremony date, destination and resort. You'll also want to provide them with information on how to contact our office to make their arrangements. Your guests will work directly with us so you won't need to be involved with their travel plans. Of course, we'll send you periodic updates advising who has made their plans, and who hasn't. We'll also periodically advise the wedding coordinator at the hosting resort. 

5. A Destination Wedding requires that you document ALL the details with all of those involved. That is our job, of course. By the time the big day arrives, we will have firmed up ALL of the arrangements. Travel documents, with complete instructions and an agenda for the weekend, will be sent to all those attending. Depending on the size of your group, we can even send a representative from our office to ensure everyone's check-in is as smooth as possible. 

6. Have a blast! (With Carol's Travel Service providing it's travel expertise, direction and advice, we know you will!)